A.R.S. 28-448A – No change of address on license/registration.  Proof of address correction provided to the court on or before court date – sanction may be reduced.

A.R.S. 28-645A3A – Red light - & 28-647.1 – Flashing red signal – Upon MVD’s receipt of conviction for violation of this charge, MVD will order you to attend & successfully complete Traffic Survival School.

A.R.S. 28-907 – Child Passenger Restraint – the sanction may be reduced if you provide proof of purchase of an acceptable child restraint system.

A.R.S. 28-2158C – Registration not in possession – proof of valid registration receipt on the vehicle on the date the complaint was issued – sanction may be reduced.

A.R.S. 28-2532A – Expired registration – Provide proof of current registration for a reduced sanction.

A.R.S. 28-3157B & 28-3169A – No Driver License in Possession – Citation is dismissed upon proof of driver license valid on the date of the violation. 

A.R.S. 28-4135A, B & C – No Proof of Insurance – If you provide proof showing that you or the vehicle involved was insured on the DATE and TIME the complaint was issued, the charge will be dismissed.  If you are found responsible, the penalty includes both a fine and a suspension of your driver license and registration on the vehicle involved unless the penalty is mitigated.  To be eligible for mitigation, you must show:

      1. A copy of your driving record from MVD which shows no convictions of 28-4135 within the past 24 months                 or not more than one conviction within the past 36 months and,


      2. A six-month policy of Insurance covering you to drive.

*The entire sanction is due the day the court imposes the sentence.  Only if the court determines it is necessary will you be given additional time to pay.  A $20.00 time payment fee will be imposed on all sanctions not paid on the date they are imposed.

*Credit card payments are accepted, however, a 5% fee will be added at the time you pay online or by phone - 1-855-741-7783 or www.quartzsitejusticepayments.com.